Archi Studio & Design is a design-led, service-orientated architectural practice in Auckland, with commitment to deliver high quality, unique projects. We pay particular attention to issues of site, culture, scale, intensity, sustainability, climate and materiality in the context to express an appropriate but innovative design outcomes. 


We prepare master plans and feasibility studies, as well as developing the design through to completion, the practice has an overriding interest in the pragmatics and feasibility of construction, and amassed special expertise in the field of Residential, Commercial , Retail, Interior and Furniture Designwe believe good design will produce sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces and buildings that have an enduring quality over time.


智程 具备注册设计资质专精于中高端项目建筑设计和独栋/联排公寓类项目规划报批,我们也为客户提供历史保留区和受1944年保护条款限制的改建,加建类设计报批以及资源申请,特殊资源条件限制类土地分割申请,免公众(利益方)通知类设计申请以及商业类建筑用途更改超标资源申请。智程 用心倾听业主需求,始终秉承项目投入与收益平衡的原则;坚持对业主满意度的承诺。请点击参阅过往案例。




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